On the 3rd day of Christmas Pop Roc gave to me……..

10% OFF all pegs and bakers twine!

The current available colours are red & white, black & white, Christmas (red/white/green) and airmail (red/white/blue)

And check out our range of cute wooden pegs!

You can use bakers twine and wooden pegs to hang your christmas cards on

Check out the facebook page for more details

Email your order, postage quote or confirmation of quantity availability to poprocparties@gmail.com

Please note: Some stock is limited, some items will be re-stocked so there may be a delay in your order. The promo ends when the next day promo is added to facebook.

And I wanted to share my favourite Christmas subway art, every year I print one out and place it in a large frame to display (such a cheap decoration!)

This one if from Eighteen25 and comes with a banner to match!

Download it here

and this one is super cute for the kids

and this simplistic one from a little lovely blog

A effective red & white one from balancing home

Download it here


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