On the seventh day of Christmas Pop Roc gave to me…….

On the seventh day of Christmas Pop Roc gave to me……..

HALF PRICE DELIVERY! On all orders placed today via email!

Check out the facebook photo albums for the range of products

Email your order, postage quote or confirmation of quantity availability to poprocparties@gmail.com

Please note: Some stock is limited, some items will be re-stocked so there may be a delay in your order. The promo ends when the next day promo is added to facebook. Payment needs to be paid within two days

 If you have children this ones for you: Santa Fever!

How would your kids like a letter from Santa Claus this year?

You can download this gorgeous letter template here from Design Editor

And here’s my favourite ‘Dear Santa’ letter which is also a colouring in one click here for the template for a letter to Santa from Style me gorgeous (check our their other colouring in templates too)

Or for a basic cute Dear Santa Letter (good for older children too) you can download it from The Crafting Chicks

And if you are in Auckland I highly recommend having a photo with Santa at Smith and Caugheys I took my children yesterday but I suggest if you can go on a weekday afternoon as it isn’t as busy.  They have a gorgeous enchanted forest with these cool puppets (they are different every year)

Another cool thing for your child is a call from Santa.  Just leave your details and Santa will call up to ask your child what they’d like for Christmas. And also record their wish-list and they will send it to you as a voice email for you to treasure forever.” Santa calls are free, and are available to everyone in New Zealand

And last but not least the Santa video message

In just a few easy steps, you can create a personalized video from Santa Claus for your children, friends, family members or colleagues a you choose, by providing a few little details about the person.

New Portable North Pole 2011: the elves’ machine will help Santa decide whether or not you were good!

So many ways to communicate with Santa!


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