My Sweet Table Contest Entry

I decided last minute after a lot of umming and arring to enter the Sweet Table Contest which I created the day before it was due, crazy considering I’m terribly busy with Pop Roc, the 12 days of Christmas promo, my out of this world 3 year old and very hungry 9 week old.

I found the theme quite hard to decide but decided on ‘Rustic Wedding’ as I’m a little obsessed with everything rustic at the moment, I love the imperfection and vintage look aswell as all ‘brown baked goods’

I based the table around the cake – my baking idols baked and my favourite cake of theirs, the Sweet & Salty Cake from their book Baked:New frontiers in baking placed on a wood log with a horse shoe

The other goods are my husband’s favourite chocolate brownies dusted with cocoa on a medium white paper doily available from Pop Roc placed on another cool wood log

I place the delicious Nuts about New Zealand Chocolate Macadamia’s in Pop Roc’s small ribbed glass canister, you can purchase the chocolate macadamia’s from here they make a perfect Christmas gift!

And made chocolate banana cake pops

The cinnamon sugar doughnuts are wrapped in Pop Roc’s small paper doilies tied up with string

The chocolate chip cookies are my fav cookies from Sophie Gray’s stunning food from small change cookbook stacked in a glass vase

The caramel popcorn was also place in a tall glass canister, here’s the recipe:


 This makes enough for 6 cups of popped corn or bag of Act 2 popcorn

1 1/2Tbs butter
1 1/2C brown sugar
6Tbs water

-Melt butter in pan over gentle heat.

-Add sugar and water. Stir until sugar dissolves.

-Bring to boil, cover and cook 3 minutes approx until steam washes down sides of pan.

-Uncover, cook without stirring until you achieve ‘softball’ stage

-When ready pour over popcorn and stir gently till coated.

-Once cooled break up the popcorn into bite size pieces

I served Ginger Beer in Pop Roc’s mini glass bottles with grey striped straws

The brown paper bags are from Pop Roc and are thank you gifts, filled with caramel popcorn, chocolate macadamia’s, a cake pop and brownie for guests to take home

Here’s a close up of the flowers I found on the side of the road, there are fields of these flowers at the moment around where I live, I used an old ABC brown beer bottle as a vase

A close up shot of the Antlers and backdrop which is Karen Walker fabric I brought years ago

I love this view of the antlers like a cake topper

And I had to add this photo of the cake, it looks so caught in the moment

I hope you like my table!



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