Easter Party Printables

We’ll I’m so excited to share our exciting news of our exclusive line of party printables

Our first collection (mini collection that is) ‘HOPPY EASTER’ is for Easter in colours inspired by our pink, yellow and baby blue striped paper straws

This mini collection includes a free Easter Egg Hunt poster, egg shaped bunting, cupcake topper/labels and straw flags

Here is a example of our cupcake toppers cut into a plain square and stuck onto a yellow stripe straw on a yummy chocolate cupcake in our new cupcake cups

You can purchase the whole collection for only $12.50

Download our free Easter Egg Hunt Poster here

I print on photo paper but you can use cardstock and print at home or your local printers


Easter Bunny Bark

Another treat I made for our mini Easter party is Bunny Bark

I lined our wire basket with a yellow polka dot paper napkin and placed the Bunny Bark in

So easy to make and its not sickly sweet


This recipe can be doubled

7 Oreo biscuits

200g white chocolate

3/4c Pretzels

2 small tubs of mini m&ms



Lay a piece of baking paper on a baking tray

Crush the oreos and pretzels into small chunky pieces

Melt the chocolate in the microwave or in a double boiler

Add the oreos, pretzels and m&ms to the white chocolate and mix to combine

Spread the mixture on the baking paper so its just under 1cm in thickness and sprinkle with pretty sprinkles

Refrigerate for a hour or two

Once set break it up into bite size pieces

Store in the fridge as its that much better cold and hard

I love the textures and colours that make Bunny Bark so cute!


Chocolate Bird’s Nests on Wooden Spoons

I made these simple birds nest on wooden spoons for our mini Easter party photo shoot

The kids loved and devoured them!

You can create these for any party, just use different candy or sprinkles to the theme you have

I used our stamped wooden spoons (available on our website) 3 yum! and 3 enjoy!  And placed them on baking paper

I melted about 100g of chocolate in the microwave

Dipped the spoon in the chocolate

Placed two mini eggs in the centre

And sprinkled with chocolate hail

Then placed them in the fridge for a hour or two to set