Easter Party Printables

We’ll I’m so excited to share our exciting news of our exclusive line of party printables

Our first collection (mini collection that is) ‘HOPPY EASTER’ is for Easter in colours inspired by our pink, yellow and baby blue striped paper straws

This mini collection includes a free Easter Egg Hunt poster, egg shaped bunting, cupcake topper/labels and straw flags

Here is a example of our cupcake toppers cut into a plain square and stuck onto a yellow stripe straw on a yummy chocolate cupcake in our new cupcake cups

You can purchase the whole collection for only $12.50

Download our free Easter Egg Hunt Poster here

I print on photo paper but you can use cardstock and print at home or your local printers


On the fourth day of Christmas Pop Roc gave to me…….

‘Only the lonely’ discounted price on all items that I have one or a few in stock & a Fruit & Nut Chocolate Christmas Tree Recipe

 Check out the facebook page for more details

Email your order, postage quote or confirmation of quantity availability to poprocparties@gmail.com

Please note: Some stock is limited, some items will be re-stocked so there may be a delay in your order. The promo ends when the next day promo is added to facebook.

And I wanted to share one of my favourite Christmas treats to make and eat!

I love these Chocolate trees, I usually make mine closer to Christmas and use it as a table centerpiece, its fun picking off pieces while sitting around the table or you can place on a doily, wrap in cellophane and ribbon or twine and give it as a gift. I’m going to try white chocolate with craisins and pistachios next week!



400g Chocolate (I use Whittakers)

1 1/3cup Chopped dried fruit (I use apricots & raisins)

125g Chopped nuts (I used sliced almonds, chopped pecans and pistachios)

Icing sugar and edible glitter to sprinkle


-Create the star shaped template by cutting 7 pieces of waxed paper or baking paper.

-Draw a 5 pointed star shaped starting with a diameter of 16cm, 14cm, 12cm, 10cm, 8cm, 6cm and 4cm. I always draw the stars with a vivid on the underside and flip the paper over when placing the chocolate on so you can still see the outline to follow

-Break up the chocolate and melt on a double boiler

-While the chocolate is melting chop up the nuts, mix into the dried fruit

-Mix the fruit and nuts into the melted chocolate

-Place the melted chocolate mixture onto the star shape, fill in the outlines.

-Leave enough chocolate to stick the layers together

-Place the stars in the fridge to harden

-Once harden layer the stars starting with the largest then dab a bit on the top to give it a bit of height, if the chocolate has harden quickly melt it again with the double boiler

-Refrigerate again until hard

-Sprinkle with icing sugar then glitter

Doilies and the glass stand are sold on trademe

If you like the Merry & Bright Christmas picture you can download it here from a spoonful of sugar