My Pinterest Love

Have you joined Pinterest yet?  Its definitely changed my life!

How many people can say pinning is part of their job description?  I can!

I try to pin everyday party/events inspiration, I love organising my pins into different themed pin boards and one pin always leads to another!  And quite often leads to a new blog to follow.

The one thing I love most about Pinterest is each pin always leads back to the original website or blog it is pinned from.  So its perfect for saving DIY ideas and recipes.

Whenever I have a event or holiday coming up I take a look at my pin board to draw inspiration for that event

I have 108 pin boards and counting!

I hope you get inspired as I do!



On the ninth day of Christmas Pop Roc gave to me………

On the ninth day of Christmas Pop Roc gave to me………

FREE DELIVERY on all orders over $45 and in the season of sending gifts I’m sharing some Christmas wrapping ideas

I love finishing touches on gift giving here are a few basic ones I’ve done quickly this morning with some of the products I sell.  I have used twine, red paper straws, doilies and white paper bags cut out using the cookie cutters all available to view in the Christmas photo album you can email your order to the email address below

Check out more on my pinterest ‘wrapping ideas’ pinboard here

Check out the facebook photo albums for the range of products

Email your order, postage quote or confirmation of quantity availability to

Please note: Some stock is limited, some items will be re-stocked so there may be a delay in your order. The promo ends when the next day promo is added to facebook. Payment needs to be paid within two days